APP currently in development
  • Galog (APP in development) Keep track of the details of your vehicle's maintenance and gas mileage with no hassle in an easy to use app!

  • Knitting Counter for the Palm Pre/Pixi (APP) With Knitting Counter you can keep track of your rows on a project.  Oops, made an error?  You can tink back counting down the rows as you pull them out.  Using this app for a project you already started?  It can do that to by setting the exact row, no need to constantly add one to the rows, you can jump right in to your project.

Video Game
  • NOCTEM (Video Game) In the infinite abyss, your are surrounded by complete blackness; time does not exist.  Any light that you emit eventually gets eaten and fades away.  If it weren't for the mysterious magnetic current carrying you through the darkness, you'd be lost forever.  As you travel along, you pick up other fragments of light to sustain your own.  In the distance you see a faint glow of light that appears unfamiliar to you.  Could this be an exit?  You start to believe that by traveling to that point, perhaps you can break out of this black prison.